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Welcome to Boroux Water Filters. You are about to discover the best gravity water filter for all your water filtering needs! It quickly filters 3 gallons of water and the filters have a long shelf life too. The Boroux Filter units take all the standard Berkey filters. Boroux Water Filters are simply the new standard for water filtration.

This Boroux Filters review shows you why Boroux Water Filters are not only the best looking water filter you will find, they are easy to use, pour the water in the top, and get your drinking water out of spigot. They are built as solid as they look, with premium stainless steel on the exterior, and a filtering system that rivals home installed units. They are great water filters for home or office use! 

boroux water filters

Boroux Legacy Water Filters 

How owning a Boroux Legacy Water Filters System can be one of the best and longest lasting health benefits you can get for yourself and your family. Boroux Filters leave in the natural minerals in your water that make your it naturally pH balanced (slightly alkaline.) It is a naturally hydrating water that smells and tastes like drinking water should. You will be absolutely amazed at the taste of your drinking water after using your Boroux Water Filter!


The Boroux Water Filters System highly filters your water so you will have great tasting drinking water. All at rate of about 1.7 cents per gallon! Boroux Water Filters are Gravity Water Filters, as they use a natural process of filtering from a higher chamber into a lower chamber. The water to be filtered passes through a series of micro filters that each work on a different level to remove the biggest particles first, to the smallest fragments. It is the most advanced, longest lasting, most beautiful gravity water filter system on the planet!

boroux water filters

What Does Boroux Water Filters Remove?

What does Boroux Water Filters Remove? Boroux Water Filters not only make your water taste like it should but remove things you don't want in your brain and body. It removes things that don't belong in your drinking water!

Contaminants that Boroux Water Filters Remove:

BOROUX Filters are designed to effectively eliminate a wide range of contaminants found in tap water, including:

  • Chlorine and Chloramines: The harsh chemicals, used in standard municipal water treatment, affect the quality, taste and safety of your drinking water. A BOROUX Water filter removes them, making your water more pleasant to drink.
  • Heavy Metals: Boroux water filters remove toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which have adverse health effects.
  • Organic Compounds and Pesticides: BOROUX water filters reduce these tociv organic pollutants and pesticide residues for non-toxic water.

Greatly Improved Taste

Drinking Water from a Boroux water filter that tastes and smells better is more likely to be consumed. BOROUX legacy water filters enhance the taste and odor of your drinking water by removing the impurities that can cause unpleasant flavors and smells. This big improvement makes your drinking water more enjoyable, encouraging you to drink more throughout the day, thereby maintaining healthy hydration levels.

Easy Usage

The Boroux legacy water filter system holds a large amount of water (3 gallons or 48 cups), which means fewer refills and easier access to great tasting Boroux filtered water. This convenience enhances regular hydration without the hassle of frequent refilling. For larger households or those with higher water consumption needs, the BOROUX water filter system can be refilled multiple times a day to ensure continuous access.

Rapid Filtration Rate

With its highly efficient filtering speed, the BOROUX water filter ensures you always have a ready supply of high-quality water. Boroux water filters ability to filter two gallons of water in two hours (or even faster with multiple filters) means you won’t have to wait long for great water. This easy accessibility promotes more consistent hydration habits, as you are less likely to delay drinking water due to waiting times.

Enourages Healthier Choices

Knowing that you now have a reliable source of high-quality drinking water can greatly discourage the consumption of less healthy beverages like sodas or sugary drinks. This shift towards choosing water more often can significantly improve overall hydration and health.

Why does drinking water quality matter?

High-quality Boroux filtered water prevents the ingestion of harmful contaminants that can cause serious health issues. Water supports essential bodily functions, promotes better digestion, and enhances your skin health. Free from impurities, quality water ensures better hydration, reduces the risk of chronic illnesses, and contributes to overall physical and mental well-being. Using BOROUX water filters ensures that the water you consume is the best it can be, significantly enhancing your health and quality of life. 

Boroux Filtered water enhances hydration through improved water taste and water quality. BOROUX offers a reliable and efficient filtration system. Better water encourages more frequent and consistent consumption. By making hydration easier and more enjoyable, BOROUX water filters play a vital role in supporting your overall health and well-being.

boroux water filters

Gravity Water Filters

How the Boroux Gravity Water Filters work is you simply pour water into the top of the filter. Gravity naturally allows water to pass into the bottom chamber (where your filtered drinking water is stored) through a series of powerful filtration units inside the top chamber. After a few minutes your filtered drinking water is ready, and all you have to do is lift or turn the spigot at the bottom of your Boroux Water Filter into the container or glass of your choice. These filters last a very long time too.


You can even get a Boroux Foundation filters that surpass the Black Berkey filters in capability and longevity. You can keep them handy for any water filter need for about a penny per gallon. Boroux advanced filtration systems gives you water that tastes great, and the unit will last a a very long time. Don't settle for anything less!

Boroux water filters

Boroux Water

The Boroux Water. Boroux Gravity Water Filters (pictured above) are great looking water filters.  All you need to do is get the water filter and any replacement foundation filters you need for your own individual needs. Boroux Water Filters give you great tasting drinking water.


You won't believe in how much of a difference their filtering units make until you actually taste the water.  Get your own Boroux Water Filter Unit and you are good to go for a very, very long time – It's guaranteed! They just work, and if you use it a lot, you can get spare replacement filters easily!


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Boroux Water Filters Comparison

Here is the latest Boroux Water Filters Comparison, that shows you the Boroux filters sizes and water storage capacities compared to the Berkey's Water Filter. It is about the same size as a Royal Berkey. It holds 3 gallons of filtered water in it's stainless steel container. Using the new Boroux Foundation Black Filters it will filter up to 12,000 gallons of water so you will rarely have to change a filter. The Berkey black filters had a 6,000 gallon lifespan so it Boroux Filters are twice as durable.


Look at the Boroux Water Filter Review Testimonials below to see which one will fit your individual or family's lifestyle and needs. All of the Boroux Water Filters are made of beautiful polished and BPA free stainless steel and are high end BPA free food grade plastic construction. These units look even better and more polished than the Big Berkey water filters, have higher filtering capacities, and filter out even more than Berkey Filters did. 

boroux water filters

Boroux Reviews

How satisfied are Boroux Water Filter Review Customers? You will see many new Boroux Reviews (as they have just been released) that shows you how effective and long lasting your Boroux Filters are. You can see some more reviews on each Boroux filters product page as they become available soon. They are even better than most whole house water filter systems. The only whole house water filters that I recommend are the Pure Effect Filters.) Because they have the zeolite and UV filters in them.

boroux water reviews

Boroux Filter Reviews

Boroux Filters (Boroux Legacy Filters) are the new standard in water filtration. You will be proud to have your own and use it for many years too. They are great looking and great filtering water filters. To see the Boroux water filter specifications below and get the best gravity water filter in the world, made in the U.S See Boroux Water Filters.

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